Harim Arjon


My name is Harim Arjon and I am a fine art photographer with work revolving around inner emotions captured within an image.

I began my photographic journey at a young age where I was raised in an art influenced family and was given disposable film cameras to capture my vision of the world. In High School, photography continued to play a part in my life when I took a digital photography course to achieve an easy A. This course inspired me to create a variety of emotional photographs for the use of self expression. Upon graduating high school I enrolled into college courses for photography to better my understanding of the opportunities photography had to offer.

Throughout my photographic career I’ve learned to use other mediums of art in order to incorporate into my work. Apart from photography; sculpting and painting play a large roll in my life as an artist. With this knowledge I combine mediums to create art work outside of the second dimension and provide a new aspect of how art can be presented.

Artist Statement

Throughout the years I have pushed myself to create various images that represent the experiences and the impact the world has had on me. Photography became a way to tell a story; I could capture an image in the style of street/journalism photography and capture a moment in time. However I wanted to push myself to produce a story; I then came across the style of conceptual photography. 

Conceptual photography allowed me to create an idea and present it visually for others to see. I’ve created images that varied from figures coated in oil or bullets aligning the spine of the human back. 

For me; creating a conceptual photograph begins with a feeling to create an artistic story of an event that has occurred or something that has impacted my life. Often the images are direct representations of events that occurred in my past, while other images recreate a story that can be related on a global scale.

Using Format